Facilitation Skills Training Courses

Facilitation Skills for IT Staff This course will provide individuals with the skills needed to facilitate group activities in the working environment. Increasingly these days IT staff are asked to facilitate or `run` meetings and need to know the people handling skills involved in facilitation to enable the meeting participants come to an appropriate conclusion. This is particularly so where end-users and IT people are meeting to discuss major projects. The course involves participants working on processes and procedures that result in succesful meeting facilitation through the use of group and individual activities, exercises, formal inputs etc.
Facilitation Skills for Human Resource Professionals Most HR professionals see their role as business partners with a shared responsibility for meeting business needs and as organisational facilitators of change. This partnering role often requires the essential skills of facilitation. This workshop will assist HR professionals to be proactive, intentional and goal oriented in group settings. It will encourage them to help their teams to focus on the right problems, implement beneficial changes, and positively impact their organisation and the way it does business.
Facilitation Skills This two-day workshop will help you teach participants how to: - Distinguish facilitation from instruction and training - Identify the competencies linked to effective small group facilitation - Understand the different between content and process - Identify the four stages of team development and ways to help teams through each stage - Use common process tools to make meetings easier and more productive
Facilitation and Meetings Skills for Line Managers One of the most common difficulties for managers is to use meetings as a way to bring people together and solve problems. This workshop will be designed to refresh the skills of the managers and equip them to run meetings and manage group settings. It will provide realistic, relevant techniques and strategies to support the manager. It also addresses the situation where the manager may need to manage inappropriate behaviour and difficult situations. Specifically this workshop will help the managers to capture the real value from productive team meetings.
Facilitation Skills for Trainers This workshop is suitable for all trainers who wish to develop their facilitation skills. It will also give them some techniques for monitoring and evaluating the success of the workshop or session. It recognises that learning and training are not events; they are processes. These processes require objectives and goals that encourage the group to engage in developing solutions and taking ownership for the results.